14 Tips To Speed Up Your House Sale

Selling your property can, sometimes, be a lengthy process, but with the help of your solicitors you can accelerate this process and save a lot of stress.


You will be required to have your title deeds at your earliest convenience to draft a contract for selling the property. You will also need to provide your solicitors with comprehensive information and instructions regarding sale details.

The recommended information and documentation to have together includes:

  1. The location of your title documents – including the name of the bank and account number if they are kept with a bank.
  2. A Local Property Tax printout demonstrating the property taxes paid up until the current year end, which can be obtained from www.revenue.ie.
  3. A Certificate of Exemption or Discharge for NPPR (applied from 2009 to 2013) which can be found on www.nppr.ie.
  4. Information about your water and drainage supply.
  5. Evidence of registration of any septic tank on the property, which can be found on www.protectourwater.ie if applicable.
  6. A copy of your state marriage or civil partnership certificate if you are or have been married, and a copy of the separation agreement or divorce if applicable.
  7. A BER Certificate displaying the energy rating of your home.
  8. Information about any building work completed, along with copies of any relevant planning permissions and architects’ certificates of compliance.
  9. If your property is in a managed development, the contact information for the management company or managing agents, as well as receipts for service charges.
  10. A copy of the letting agreement if the property is currently rented.
  11. Details of any contents that are included in the sale.
  12. PPS Number(s) for proof of identity.
  13. Photographic identification such as passport(s).
  14. A utility bill or bank statement (within the last 3 months) to confirm your address.

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