At MW Keller & Son Solicitors LLP, we advise on all aspects of licensing laws to include representation in the District Court and Circuit Court.  We can provide you with dependable expertise in relation to the purchase or sale of licensed premises, transfer of licences, renewal of licences, applications for new licences, the revival of lapsed licensed and carrying out searches in relation to the licensing history.

We can make applications for bar extensions and special exemptions, early morning or general exemption licences and can advise fully in relation to endorsements, planning matters and Fire Officers requirements.

MW Keller & Son Solicitors LLP also offers advice in relation to applying for auctioneer’s licences and lottery licences. We arrange for the necessary paperwork and can deal with the application for you.

We understand and do everything possible to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the legal processes in relation to Licensing Laws and we provide the information relating to same in a clear and concise manner.

Applications that we make can vary substantially but we have vast experience and some of the applications that we have recently made are as follows;-

  1. Ad Interim Transfers of Publicans Licence
  2. Applications where a premises is obtaining a Licence
  3. Sale of Licences and the drafting of Licence Agreement in respect of same
  4. Dance Licence Applications
  5. Club Certificates
  6. Restaurant Certificates
  7. Special Exemption Applications
  8. Occasional Licences

Please contact us for more information or any queries that you may have about licensing laws or any of legal queries.

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