The Mechanics of Separation

The mechanics of separation

When a couple decide to separate there are a number of issues that they will have to consider, such as whether they will proceed by judicial separation, separation agreement or divorce. They will have to consider division of assets, maintenance and custody and/or access if they have children.

The terms of their separation may be settled in a number of ways:

  • By a mediation process. Here the parties agree to the terms between themselves, with a trained mediator.
  • By negotiation between both of their Solicitors.
  • By Collaborative Law. This is a new process in Ireland and all parties with their advisors come together in a non-confrontational setting and through a number of meetings they come to an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties.
  • If the couple cannot reach agreement by one of the above methods, then a Court will decide and make various Orders as to the future between the parties.

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