Medical Negligence

MW Keller & Son Solicitors LLP has a strong, proven track record in dealing with medical negligence cases. We recognise that medical accidents may have significant financial and emotional consequences for you and your family and our aim is to do everything we can to explain the issues and the legal processes involved in taking an action in a clear and concise manner.

Medical Negligence Advice

More often than not, medical professionals conduct medical procedures in a safe, adequate and diligent manner at the highest level of standard. In rare instances, medical negligence may occur.

Medical negligence can arise when a doctor or healthcare provider fails to provide a standard of care that a reasonable health professional would give in similar circumstances. If there is a failure to provide an appropriate level of skill or care which causes you or your family illness or injury, then you may have an entitlement to make a claim.


Medical Negligence Examples

Some examples of when medical negligence may arise include:

  • Surgery which results in an errorMedical Negligence
  • Failure of a practitioner to identify an illness
  • Misdiagnosis of a patient.
  • Below standard medical care
  • Injury, loss of quality of life and death

We offer practical and constructive advice to our clients in relation to medical negligence or any medical accidents, headed up by Margaret Fortune.


Types of Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence claims may arise from the following types of medical instances:

  • Medical CareMedical Negligence
  • Medical Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Birth / Gynaecology
  • Other Medical Instances

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