Phishing Attempt Warning (Nov 2022)

We would like to advise our customers and relevant parties that a sophisticated phishing attempt has been noted whereby the perpetrators have utilised our firm’s branding.


Warning: Phishing Attempt – Be Vigilent

This email purports to come from Michael O’Grady and invites recipients to download the attached conveyancing documents.¬†Please see below screenshot of how this email may look:

While the branding may be correct, keen observers will notice that there are three L’s in the domain that is used by this fraudulent emailer, as well as a .com address rather than an ‘ie’ address.

Please note, current contact details can be verified through the Law Directory or Find a Solicitor section of the Law Society website.



We would advise anyone to treat all emails containing links to access or upload files with the utmost caution (particularly if unexpected), and to verify a solicitor’s contact details through trusted channels such as

Anyone who has received this email should delete it without delay. If anyone who has received this email has clicked on the link, they should contact their IT providers without delay.